Take your knowledge to a higher level

In the current economic setting, knowledge is capital to your company. It is part of your company value and competitive advantage.
My-Learning is the solution to bring knowledge to your colleagues and clients. It is an online platform where they can gather information about your company, and learn in an efficient, personal and flexible way.

With My-Learning, we take your company kwowledge concering products, sales, procedures and marketing to your team. That way, your company becomes more dynamic, with a faster time to market, with an improved competitive advantage and a strong contribution to your company results!

How does it work?

As a student, you log in to the My-Learning platform with your personal account. The platform is clearly structured according to subjects, modules and sessions. Select the topic of your choice, and start with your first learning session. It’s that easy.
After each session, the student can test the new knowledge in a multiple choice test. In this way they develop an effective learning trail. The My-Learning administrator can manage all learning sessions, learning trails and test results, and can even grant rewards.
My-Learning is an effective and efficient tool for your company to optimize your internal information and to unleash the full potential of your people for the best results. Easy learning to boost your business, that’s what My-Learning is all about!

How to get started with My-Learning?

Every company has its specific needs and requirements. Together we examine your requirements and gather your information content. Then, we translate this content to insert it on your company’s My-Learning platform. This content contains professional videos, created within our My-Learning Studio. You can choose if these sessions are:

Hosted movies presented by yourself
Hosted movies presented by an actor
Animated informative films
A video slideshow with a pleasant voice-over

They already took their knowledge to the clouds:

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